Cast of Middle Men | What are the Guys up to?

Check out what the cast of Middle Men has going on.  If you are missing the guys from Oxymoron Entertainment’s Middle Men, check out what they are up to these days.

Luke Wilson has been surfing it up on the beaches of Venice Beach, California where he is filming his latest movie.  He looks pretty good doing it too!!

Luke Wilson from Middle Men Surfing in Venice Beach, California

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Giovanni Ribisi from the cast of Middle Men has recently gotten married.  Little did anyone know Giovanni Ribisi was seeing Agyness Deyn, a British actress, let alone marrying her!  They seem so happy and we are very happy for them!  Check out the full article on

Giovanni Ribisi with his beautiful wife Agyness Deyn

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Not only has Giovanni recently gotten married, but he is starring in a new sitcom on FOX called Dads.  The show is really funny and so is Giovanni Ribisi!  He also recently made an appearance on E!’s Chelsea Lately with host Chelsea Handler to promote the show.  Check out his hilarious interview in the video below:

Gabriel Macht from the cast of Middle Men has been starring in the hit show Suits on the USA Network. The show Suits is well through its third season and Gabriel Macht has gotten critical acclaim for his role as Harvey Specter a hot lawyer based out of New York City.  If you are a fan of Suits, Gabriel Macht and his character Harvey Specter then check out this article from where Gabriel from the cast of Middle Men tells the readers if he thinks his character has matured this season or not!  Entertainment Weekly named Gabriel Macht one of TV’s 15 Hottest Men in Suits…congrats Gabriel!!! Check it out here.

Gabriel Macht from the cast of Middle Men looking hot in a suit

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Now that you know what the cast of Middle Men has been up to lately, make sure to check back here and on our Oxymoron Entertaiment Facebook page and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest info and news!!




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Middle Men’s Gabriel Macht, Best Lawyer in New York City

Harvey Spector is one of New York City’s best lawyers, in the show Suits that is!  Gabriel Macht plays the character Harvey Specter on the hit series and has had a lot of success with it since Middle Men in 2009, which he starred in.

Middle Men’s Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits on USA

 (photo via Twitter)

Gabriel Macht with co-star Giovanni Ribisi in a scene from Middle Men

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Did you know that Middle Men’s Gabriel Macht was actually considered for the role of Chase on the hit television series 24, which eventually ended up going to James Badge Dale?  Do you like Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in the show Suits?  Are you a fan of the show 24?  Let us know your thoughts.  Would you have liked to see Gabriel play the part of Chase or do you like him as one of the best lawyers in New York City?

Middle Men’s Gabriel Macht and Chase from 24 played by James Badge Dale