Ellen DeGeneres to Host The Academy Awards

Who is excited for Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year?  Well we certainly are, and by the looks of her tweet so is she!

We love Ellen!  This is not the first time The Academy has chosen Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy AwardsEllen first hosted the ceremony in 2007 and received an Emmy Nomination based on her outstanding performance as a host!

Ellen DeGeneres to Host the Academy Awards, here she is shown hosting in 2007

(photo via vulture.com)

We like the idea of Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year.  Check out the 10 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Hosting the Academy Awards is the Best Thing Ever from HuffingtonPost.com.  Do you think Ellen as the host is the best thing ever?  Think back to the many hosts of the Oscars.  There have been many repeats like Steve Martin and Billy Crystal.  Last year the producers chose Seth MacFarlane.  Go to our Oxymoron Entertainment Twitter page and Facebook page and let us know who you would choose!  Would you choose Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year or would you go with someone new?  Let us know who you think would be the best host for the Oscars next year!



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Giovanni Ribisi From Middle Men to Join Cast of Seth Macfarlane Comedy

Giovanni Ribisi from Middle Men is in talks to join the cast of yet another Seth Macfarlane movie.  In 2012 Ribisi played the creepy kidnapper in Ted, written, produced, and directed by Seth Macfarlane.  A Million Ways to Die in the West is another wacky comedy from the creator of Family Guy.  The movie is about a cowardly farmer played by Macfarlane, seeking the help of a gunslinger’s wife to help him win back the woman who left him and in turn develops feelings for her.  Giovanni Ribisi is slated to play Macfarlane’s character’s best friend Edward.  Edward is a simple shoe repairman who is dating a prostitute that won’t have sex with him, even though she is sleeping with everyone else.

Giovanni Ribisi from Middle Men

(photo via grantland.com)

Giovanni Ribisi from Middle Men was amazing and we can’t wait to see him in this film.  Ribisi, born in America in 1974, has a long list of film credits including Boiler Room, Gone in 60 Seconds, Lost in Translation, and had a recurring role on the hit television series Friends. If you like Seth Macfarlane and enjoyed Ted, hopefully A Million Ways to Die in the West will follow in its footsteps!  Giovanni is talented and his work is great in anything he does.

(photo via gordonandthewhale.com)

A few things you may not know about Giovanni Ribisi:

He is Italian,

He was born at 8:15 at night,

He has a twin sister, Marissa, of whom he is 15 minutes older,

He competed on a family game show in 1987 with his sister called I’m Telling,

He studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse,

He won the ShoWest Newcomer of the Year Award back in 1999 and

When he was a little boy his family pet was a dachshund named Low Rider.

(photo via toromagazine.com)

“For me, acting is all about the aesthetic.  I just want to keep honing my craft.  Not that I’m taking myself too seriously, but every artist should consider himself Picasso.  Otherwise, you’re doing yourself and injustice.”  We hope to keep seeing Giovanni Ribisi, from Middle Men, honing his craft.  We look forward to seeing him in this part for Seth Macfarlane’s new movie, and any other movies in the future.  Let us know what you think of Giovanni Ribisi from Middle Men.  Do you have a favorite movie he was in or maybe a favorite part he has played?  We want to hear what you think about his part in Seth Macfarlane’s new movie.


Seth MacFarlane and the Beautiful Kristin Chenoweth will be performing together in an Amazing Collaboration at the 85th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS SHOW…

(photo via NY Times)  Seth MacFarlane Creating Some of That New Black Magic MacFarlane shows he is a devotee of the American Songbook in “Swingin’ in Concert,”

Under Mr. MacFarlane’s cherubic facade is a streak of mischief. Because he is a great mimic with a storehouse of cartoon voices developed for animated characters, you’re bound to wonder to what degree his crooning voice is a kind of impersonation. Like Mr. Lawrence, Mr. MacFarlane keeps emotional involvement in lyrics at arm’s length.

At the same time, his fun-loving geniality is never condescending. He is invested in what he sings. Discussing “It’s Easy to Remember,” he notes that the lyricist Lorenz Hart could “utterly paralyze you with regret,” then adds respectfully that Hart “was a depressed alcoholic, but wrote a lot of great songs because of it.” The presence of Michael Feinstein— who introduces Mr. MacFarlane, calls himself a “MacFarlane-aholic” and jokes that he is encroaching on his territory — certifies Mr. MacFarlane’s seriousness.

His saucy between-song comments are only slightly milder than his jibes as a Comedy Central Roast Master (most recently of Charlie Sheen).

“Don’t think of this as the music your grandparents listened to,” he says, “but as the music your grandparents listened to while they were making your parents.”



Seth MacFarlane loves a good song and dance as anyone who’s watched Family Guy or seen the cartoon mastermind’s big band show can certainly agree.

So it comes as no surprise that the first-time Oscar host is joining forces with Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth for a post-Best Picture Award musical performance to cap Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

“After the Best Picture Award has been given, Seth and Kristin will perform a special number, and we think it will be a ‘can’t miss’ moment,” said Oscar show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron in a statement.


(photo and via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Seth MacFarlane talks Oscar’s celebrity audience: “It’s a very thin-skinned crowd”




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The 2013 Oscars will be presented on Sunday, February 24, at 7:30 EST in the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center. Seth MacFarlane, will serve as the host for the highly anticipated star-studded evening!  Hosting The Academy Awards is one of the most high pressured jobs in Entertainment as the second most viewed program behind the SuperBowl with a potential of over 1 billion viewers worldwide.

Seth MacFarlane and his girlfriend Emilia Clarke looking STUNNING at the Golden Globes Party in January…

(photo via JustJared.com)

“The worst thing to happen at the Oscars would be if nothing happened,” MacFarlane told this Sunday’s issue of Parade. “You want something unscripted, something to riff on, something kinda out there.”

There are quite a few people in Hollywood that aren’t very familiar with Seth MacFarlane yet.  Seth is a man of many talents an actor, animator, screenwriter, comedian, producer, director and singer.  He is the creator of the extremely poplar television show Family Guy.  He is the voice for 3 characters on the show; the father Peter Griffin, the son Stewie, and the dog Brian.

Oscar producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan say MacFarlane represents a powerful draw for the masses, especially the younger masses.

“The Oscars have been criticized for seemingly not being relevant,” says Meron, “and that goes to our choice of Seth. He’s a reflection of the current pop culture and completely relevant. We love that.”

Tom O’Neil editor of the Oscar blog Goldderby.com, says the film academy has long looked in vain to find a host who can provide star quality and reach out to a broader demographic — from David Letterman, to Jon Stewart, to Chris Rock (“They were all great comedians, but miscast on the Oscar stage,” says O’Neil) to 2011′s debacle with no-chemistry hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

“That backfired so spectacularly because they were casting for the demographics rather than who is best for the job,” says O’Neil. “That’s what makes this choice compelling. It’s a dangerous choice in more ways than one. We’re handing the Oscar holy torch to the man most people know by his fictitious character Stewie (Family Guy), who is this diabolical character. It’s brilliant and it shows just how courageous the Oscars are. I think he’s going to be one of the great Oscar hosts.”




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