There will be a Satellite Beach Screening at the RxSM Film Festival this Friday in Austin, Texas.  So, if you live in the area you should definitely head down to the festival and check it out!


 Friday, March 7th, 2014

at 8:30pm (Spider House Ballroom)

RxSM is dedicated to edgy, boundary-expanding storytelling that falls well outside of the mainstream. There’s no better place to honor such off-beat fare as Austin, Texas, an unforgettable melting pot of artistry, musicianship, rule-breakers, and warm hearts. Founded, organized, programmed and promoted by filmmakers who can’t help but think outside of the box, RxSM is forever in the service of like-minded free spirits—and fantastic parties that last well into the night.

 RxSM Film Festival | Satellite Beach Screening


Satellite Beach Screening

 Friday, March 7th, 2014

at 8:30pm (Spider House Ballroom)

A little History about the RxSM Festival
The 5th Annual RxSM Self-Medicated Film Expo (RxSM), unfolds once again this year alongside South by Southwest, one of the most beloved cultural events in Austin, Texas. RxSM shines a bright spotlight on talented filmmakers in the thick of the busy festival circuit. Each March, thousands of cinephiles descend on Austin to get a glimpse of the incredibly inspired work being done in indie cinema, and RxSM is eager to provide it.

Each year, RxSM doles out 17 awards to its best and brightest talents and offers each award-winning project the opportunity to screen at The Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival in April. In the wake of its success at RxSM, The Dynamiter soared to extraordinary heights, nabbing two nominations at The Independent Spirit Awards and winning Best Director. “In this increasingly crowded marketplace,” notes the film’s director Matthew Gordon, “the RxSM film expo represents a way for small films like ours to reach an audience that we would otherwise be unable to reach.”

 Satellite Beach Screening | RxSM Film Festival

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