Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013

Halloween is always a fun time of year!  This is especially true when we get to see all of the fun celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013, good or bad!  Celebrities always seem to have the best costumes, whether it is because most of them have access to television and movie wardrobe departments or because they are super creative, it doesn’t matter because we love to see them in all their glory!  Take a look below at some of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

(photo via eonline.com)

Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel dress up twice for Halloween this year.  Above Fergie is Elvira and below…well check it out!

(photo via eonline.com)

Miley Cyrus 

 (photo via thedailybeast.com)

Miley Cyrus seen above dressed as Lil’ Kim in an infamous outfit she wore years ago at an awards ceremony!  We love this!

Ellen Degeneres

(photo via MTV.com)

We think Ellen takes the cake here!  She dressed up as Nicki Minaj in the exact same outfit Nicki wore on her show not long before!  Ellen, the boobs look great!!!

Chelsea Handler

 (photo via thedailybeast.com)

Chelsea Handler shown above in a picture taken at buddy Kate Hudson‘s Halloween party as, gasp, a pregnant woman!  To funny comedienne Chelsea, this is a very scary Halloween costume!


 (photo via thedailybeast.com)

With millions and millions of Instagram followers, Beyonce got creative and for Halloween dressed up as an Instagram Photo!

Snooki and JWoww

(photo via Gossipcenter.com)

Snooki and JWoww or should we say Nicole Polizzi and Jenny Farley, from the previous MTV show Jersey Shore, who now have their own show on MTV called Snooki and JWoww dressed up as two peas in a pod…well not peas, Queens!! Snooki went as the White Queen and JWoww as The Queen of Hearts.

Sandra Bullock

(photo via sawfirst.com)

Sandra Bullock and her son look adorable and spooky here, but what was really great was Sandra stepping out with friend Melissa McCarthy and her children.  Both women dressed as fisherman in L.A. for trick-or-treating!

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

(photo via popsugar.com)

In keeping with the family and kids theme…check out star of How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris and his family below.  So cute!!!

Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

(photo via Huffingtonpost.com)

Kelly Ripa and her co-host of the show Live with Kelly and Michael, Michael Strahan dress up in many different costumes for their Halloween special.  Here they closed the show as some of the cast of Sons of Anarchy!  Check out the rest of the costumes at Huffingtonpost.com!

And what would Halloween be this year without any Miley Cyrus costumes?  Below check out some of our favorite Miley celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013.

Paris Hilton

(photo via thedailybeast.com)

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan (again)

(photo via Huffingtonpost.com)

Hugh Hefner and wife Crystal Harris

(photo via USmagazine.com)

Jenny McCarthy

(photo via USmagazine.com)

Jenny McCarthy took it to a whole new level with the Miley Cyrus celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013!  Jenny, co-host of The View, dressed as Miley’s tongue!!!  Jenny we have to give it to you…way to think out of the…mouth?

After checking out all of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013 let us know who your favorite was!  Post any other costumes if we missed any that you love on our Twitter or Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page!  We also want to know…Who Wore it Best?  Which Miley Cyrus Costume did you like this best this year?  Comment below to let us know!!!

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Headdresses Are Extrememly Popular Today..

 headdress is a general term for anything worn on the head. It is usually distinct from hats and helmets, and does not generally serve a functional or protective purpose. Headdresses were a sign of royalty or high social status in Ancient Egypt and have been worn by men and women for religious, cultural or fashion-related reasons.
Throughout the history of clothing, the headdress has been part and parcel of proper attire, it is also a sign of royalty or high social status. Today, it is for fashion statement. We often see beautiful headdresses worn by models and often used in many fashion shows and events which add a dramatic flair. We are seeing celebrites, models, singers, and even brides wearing headdresses.  Check Out all the Different Types Below and Let Us Know What Your Favorite Type Is….

Victorias Secret Fashion Show (photo via GossipColums.com)


Lady Gaga in a Headdress (photo via LadyGagaFans.co.uk)



Women Headdress (photo via Amongthenarcissi.com)


Headdress  (photo via CelenaMakeup.com)
Crystal Headdress (photo via etsy.com)

Wedding Headdress  (photo via BostonMagazine.com)


Katy Perry wearing Headdress (photo via Wire Image)

Paris Hilton (Photo via Etsy.com)


 Keisha (photo via CargoCollective.com)


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