Don’t Miss Part II of Mary Carey’s Juicy Interview with…

PART II of Mary Carey’s Exclusive Interview with Orgasm

Orgasm News continues talking with Mary Carey, the star of countless Adult films as well as one of the stars of After Porn Ends.


Orgasm News: How did you come up with your porn star stage name?

Mary Carey: Mary is my real name and I thought Carey was cute because it rhymed and sounded happy and I have a happy and bubbly personality. Also, I like Mariah Carey.


Orgasm News: You had a public battle with addiction and even starred on Celebrity Rehab to seek treatment. How was your experience like on the show? Did you feel that Dr. Drew helped you?

Mary Carey: I was on Celebrity Rehab for Xanax. I loved doing Celebrity Rehab and I loved Dr. Drew. I think the show was a great experience.


Orgasm News: What mainstream projects are you currently attached to?

Mary Carey: I just shot a movie called SAKE BOMB in August that was really fun to be a part of. I am [currently] working on a book and a few other things I can’t talk about yet.


Orgasm News: Are you currently retired from porn? If so, what do you think of others like Houston and Raylene returning to porn?

Mary Carey: I do still shoot for my website solo pics and glamour shots and I love doing that. My websites are and I totally understand why Hosuton and Raylene went back to porn. The economy is bad and Raylene said she needed to make money. I think Houston just missed shooting. I’m not totally sure of her reason but I am sure it was a good one. I have always loved Houston.


Orgasm News: What’s an interesting fact about you not too many people know?

Mary Carey: I loved to read Jackie Collins books. I am not sure how many people know that about me. I am a bookworm.


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Orgasm News had a chance to speak to porn star Mary Carey about how she got into the Adult Industry, why she decided to be a part of After Porn Ends and whether or not she thinks the Internet is beneficial to the Porn Industry…

(photo via Club Mary Carey)

Orgasm News: What was your experience like when you were interviewed for After Porn Ends?

Mary Carey: It was a great experience, I had just finished shooting my second reality show for VH1 SOBER HOUSE  a week prior so I was excited to be able to continue telling my story.


Orgasm News: How did you find out about After Porn Ends? What initially attracted you to being part of this documentary?

Mary Carey: I ran into the directory Bryce Wagner at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset and he told me about the project and I was immediately interested in being a part of it.


Orgasm News: Have you watched the film yet? If so, what do you think of it? Did it offer an honest portrayal of you and the other adult film stars?

Mary Carey: I did see the film at the screening we had at Paramount Studios and I thought it was excellent and a great portrayal of everyone involved and extremely honest and accurate.


Orgasm News: How did you start out in porn? What advice would give young porn stars starting out in the adult industry?

Mary Carey: I was a theater major in college and did ballet through out my childhood until college so I have always loved to perform, act and be center of attention so I think finding other outlets for this such as reality TV shows, mainstream movies and working on an upcoming book, and of course all my feature dance appearances has made it so I do not need to shoot movies, but I do miss it sometimes. I would tell new girls to never do something you are not comfortable with on camera.


Orgasm News: Do you believe that the Internet is beneficial to the porn industry or is destroying it?

Mary Carey: I think the Internet was a great way to make money for the porn industry but it is so much harder now with all the free porn and tube sites out there and people who are not paying for it. I think the big money making time for porn on the Internet was 1999-2005.


Orgasm News: You ran for governor of California in 2003 and admitted it was a publicity stunt. Would you ever consider running for public office again without it being a stunt? If so, what would be issues that you would campaign for?

Mary Carey: Yes I would love to run again sometime, maybe for President when I am old enough. I want to legalize gay marriage everywhere. That has always been my number 1 platform.

Find out how Mary got her stage name along with a little know fact about her in part 2 of the interview with Mary Carey on News soon!





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