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If you haven’t seen it yet, you must check out Oxymoron Entertainment‘s documentary After Porn Ends.  Have you ever wondered what happens to porn stars after they retire from the business?  Where do they end up?  Can they carry on a normal life?  Check the critically acclaimed porn doc After Porn Ends to learn more about these people’s lives!  Go to AfterPornEnds.com to find out more and check out the After Porn Ends MovieBoozer review right here!

After Porn Ends Official Trailer

Oxymoron Entertainment‘s After Porn Ends Movieboozer review is pretty cool!  I mean if you didn’t want to see After Porn Ends before check out the After Porn Ends Movieboozer review below!  They give us A Toast which is their highest honor!!! Also check out Movieboozer.com to find out more about their reviews and the movies they like to toast or get wasted to!!!

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After Porn Ends Movieboozer Review:

For those of you who occasionally dabble in the viewing of the pornographic arts, have you ever wondered what happens when the performers we all love to watch suddenly decide to keep their clothes on and walk away from the business that made them famous by lying on their backs? Sure, having porn on your resume cancels some of your career options later on in life but in After Porn Ends, director Bryce Wagoner tells a very compelling and objective look at the performers—male and female—and how they cope with life after porn. The film looks at both types of performers—those who struggled and those who managed to put their past behind them—as well as those who really haven’t been able to escape their past and have become “lifers” in a business that has its ups (no pun intended), downs, and plenty of T&A (tans and awards; what did you think I meant?)  To read the rest of the After Porn Ends Movieboozer review click here!!!  Please follow Oxymoron Entertainment and After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and After Porn Ends Facebook page!!!  Don’t forget to watch After Porn Ends (click here to find out how you can watch) and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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