The Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013 | According to Barbara Walters

If you checked out ABC’s annual special The Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013 on Wednesday night, chosen by legendary journalist Barbara Walters and her executive team, you would know who made the list!  We want to go over these top picks and then you can let us know who tops your list for the ten most fascinating people of 2013!

In order from the tenth most fascinating person to the MOST fascinating person of 2013, check out the list below:

Miley Cyrus | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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What would any list of the fascinating people of 2013 be without Miley Cyrus?  She sat down with Barbara Walters and explained her transition from Hannah Montana to the young twenty-one year old she is today.  Miley goes on to say that her plan to get people talking about and buying her music has worked for her thus far!  Miley Cyrus definitely would’ve been on our list of the top ten most fascinating people of 2013!

The Royal Prince George | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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The Royal Prince George, son of Prince William and his wife Kate might be the youngest person to ever make the Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013!  The world followed his entrance into this world very closely…and his family presented him with beauty and grace.

Edward Snowden | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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Edward Snowden, not only the most wanted man in America, but also one of the ten most fascinating people of 2013.  What more is there to say?  The man that worked for the NSA blew the whistle on some very confidential information about espionage and the monitoring of Americans’ internet and phone activity.  Some call him a traitor and he is now in Russia seeking permanent political asylum.  Would Edward Snowden have made your list of most fascinating people of this year?

Duck Dynasty | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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Truth be told, I have never seen Duck Dynasty and they probably wouldn’t have made it onto my own personal ten most fascinating people of 2013 list.  But, they did make it onto Barbara Walter’s list because they and their story are fascinating.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, otherwise known as Kimye, have made Barbara Walter’s list of the Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013.  They have both separately been on the her list before and with the birth of their baby North West and their Bound 2 video they have reappeared!  Are you over Kimye or would they make your list too?

Robin Roberts | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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One of the most endearing and courageous stories of 2013 was the journey of reporter Robin Roberts cancer.  Robin let the world into her life after finding out that she had a cancer of the blood.  As loyal viewers we watched as she became scared and needed a bone marrow transplant to live longer than the two years the doctors had given her.  She got that chance when they discovered her sister’s marrow was a match and we saw Robin get sick and weak and sad and then recover beautifully and coming back as co-host of Good Morning America.  Robin Roberts’ story was one of bravery and she is certainly one of the ten most fascinating people of 2013 in our books!

Pope Francis | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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Pope Francis is an inspiring man to many and for that and many other reasons he has made the Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013 list!  Billions of Catholics follow his leadership and many others look up to him for so many reasons.  One of our favorite reasons this year is this quote from Pope Francis: “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”  This makes us happy!

Jennifer Lawrence | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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Jennifer Lawrence would have made our list of the ten most fascinating people not only this year but probably last year as well and most likely will be on our list again next year! She may even be our MOST fascinating person of this year for so many different reasons. Like Jennifer said in her interview on Wednesday (and I’m paraphrasing) she never knows what is going to fly out of her mouth, she thinks women judging other women is sick and it should be illegal to call someone FAT, and in ten years she sees herself married and starting a family, but can’t stand it when people ask her, “What makes you normal?” Jennifer Lawrence is a force to be reckoned with, already an Oscar Winning actress at 23, but also up for a Golden Globe award for her new movie American Hustle.

Hillary Clinton | Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013

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So, number one, The MOST Fascinating Person of 2013…Hillary Clinton!!!  Barbara’s pick for the most fascinating person of 2013 was a good one, we think!  Everyone wants to know her plans in the government and will she run for President?  And soon?  She told Barbara Walters that she is still undecided, but wants to worry about what is going on now in the country, not what she will do in the future!  Would Hillary be on your list this year?

Please comment below because we want to hear your thoughts on The Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013 according to Barbara Walters!  Would any of these people be on your own list this year?  We want to know who made your list for 2013!  Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to let us know who is on your Ten Most Fascinating People of 2013 List!!!


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American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Last Sunday’s American Music Awards was great!!!  Miley Cyrus performed, and although it was a bit weird, it was nothing to go crazy over like her performance at the 2013 VMA’s!!!  But what we really want to bring attention to this year is the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet!  Most of the stars looked fabulous this year and we have pictures below to prove it!!  Take a look at the stars on the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet.  Don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think of the red carpet this year and Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to keep up on the latest industry gossip!!!


(photo via


(photo via

Jennifer Hudson

(photo via

Lady Gaga

(photo via

Miley Cyrus

(photo via

Taylor Swift

(photo via

Katy Perry

(photo via

Naya Rivera

(photo via

Christina Aguilera

(photo via

Jennifer Lopez

(photo via


(photo via

One Direction

(photo via


(photo via

We want to know who your best dressed and of course worst dressed was on the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet!!!  Let us know in the comments below or of course on Twitter or Facebook!!!  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013

Halloween is always a fun time of year!  This is especially true when we get to see all of the fun celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013, good or bad!  Celebrities always seem to have the best costumes, whether it is because most of them have access to television and movie wardrobe departments or because they are super creative, it doesn’t matter because we love to see them in all their glory!  Take a look below at some of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

(photo via

Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel dress up twice for Halloween this year.  Above Fergie is Elvira and below…well check it out!

(photo via

Miley Cyrus 

 (photo via

Miley Cyrus seen above dressed as Lil’ Kim in an infamous outfit she wore years ago at an awards ceremony!  We love this!

Ellen Degeneres

(photo via

We think Ellen takes the cake here!  She dressed up as Nicki Minaj in the exact same outfit Nicki wore on her show not long before!  Ellen, the boobs look great!!!

Chelsea Handler

 (photo via

Chelsea Handler shown above in a picture taken at buddy Kate Hudson‘s Halloween party as, gasp, a pregnant woman!  To funny comedienne Chelsea, this is a very scary Halloween costume!


 (photo via

With millions and millions of Instagram followers, Beyonce got creative and for Halloween dressed up as an Instagram Photo!

Snooki and JWoww

(photo via

Snooki and JWoww or should we say Nicole Polizzi and Jenny Farley, from the previous MTV show Jersey Shore, who now have their own show on MTV called Snooki and JWoww dressed up as two peas in a pod…well not peas, Queens!! Snooki went as the White Queen and JWoww as The Queen of Hearts.

Sandra Bullock

(photo via

Sandra Bullock and her son look adorable and spooky here, but what was really great was Sandra stepping out with friend Melissa McCarthy and her children.  Both women dressed as fisherman in L.A. for trick-or-treating!

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

(photo via

In keeping with the family and kids theme…check out star of How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris and his family below.  So cute!!!

Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

(photo via

Kelly Ripa and her co-host of the show Live with Kelly and Michael, Michael Strahan dress up in many different costumes for their Halloween special.  Here they closed the show as some of the cast of Sons of Anarchy!  Check out the rest of the costumes at!

And what would Halloween be this year without any Miley Cyrus costumes?  Below check out some of our favorite Miley celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013.

Paris Hilton

(photo via

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan (again)

(photo via

Hugh Hefner and wife Crystal Harris

(photo via

Jenny McCarthy

(photo via

Jenny McCarthy took it to a whole new level with the Miley Cyrus celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013!  Jenny, co-host of The View, dressed as Miley’s tongue!!!  Jenny we have to give it to you…way to think out of the…mouth?

After checking out all of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013 let us know who your favorite was!  Post any other costumes if we missed any that you love on our Twitter or Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page!  We also want to know…Who Wore it Best?  Which Miley Cyrus Costume did you like this best this year?  Comment below to let us know!!!

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2013 VMAs | Success or Failure?

Who watched the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night?  OMG is all we have to say!!!  Even if you haven’t seen the VMAs, we know you have seen the video clips of Miley Cyrus‘ performance of We Cant’ Stop, no?  Well if not, check it out below:

Miley Cyrus performing We Can’t Stop and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs

So…what are you thinking?  Was Miley’s performance hot or not?  Do you think Miley Cyrus went too far in her performance with Robin Thicke or was she just trying to be different?  Let us know your opinion on our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and Twitter with the hashtag #MileyHotOrNot.

As for the rest of the show…there were some pretty cool performances!  Justin Timberlake performed on the 2013 VMAs for quite a long time, some may say they even became bored, until the end that is!  At the end of his performance, Justin Timberlake brought out a very special surprise…his former boyband mates from N’Sync.  Now, we must admit, it was pretty cool.

Justin Timberlake at the 2013 VMAs performing with N’Sync

(photo via

We finally got to see Lady Gaga at the 2013 VMAs.  Gaga was interviewed on the streets of Brooklyn which served as the red carpet for the event held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Lady Gaga also opened the show with a great performance of her new single “Applause“.  By the end of her performance, Gaga was half naked with big hair…and we loved it!!

Lady Gaga opening the 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn

(photo via

Check out some of the other celebrities that came out for the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York below:

Rita Ora on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via

Big Sean and Naya Rivera on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via

So if you watched the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night live from Brooklyn, New York (which by the way, was just an awesome idea on MTVs part) what did you think?  Was the awards show a success or failure this year?  Considering the different performances (some raunchy, some surprising) and all of the celebrities that were there, was it worth watching?  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter and comment below to let us know your thoughts!!

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Short Hair on Women in Hollywood…The New Thing?

Recently celebrities everywhere have been popping up with new short hair cuts.  Is short hair on women in Hollywood the new thing?  For years actresses like Halle Barry have been sporting pixie cuts, but it seems more and more of these cute cuts are showing up in Hollywood.  If short hair on women in Hollywood is the new thing there are a few startlets that are doing a great job of showing off their short haircuts.  Check out the short hair on these women in Hollywood!

Anne Hathaway was just awarded with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the recent Academy Awards.  While her dress may have gotten a lot of criticism, her hair looked fabulous!

(Photo via Hair4tomorrow)

(Photo via Stylebistro)

Another starlet sporting a new short pixie cut is Miley Cyrus.  Way back when Miley was Hannah Montana, she had long wavy locks which were beautiful, but her new short rocker cut really gives her an edginess that she never had when she was on the Disney Channel.  Now with Miley’s new older and more sophisticated attitude she has the hair to match!

 (Photo via E! Online)

(photo via Google +)

(Photo via Huffington Post)

(Photo via Crushable)

Charlize Theron has chopped off most of her hair as well.  If short hair on women in Hollywood is the newest thing, Ms. Theron is right on trend.  While some actresses have been cutting their hair short to change their look, Charlize cut her hair for a role in the new movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and has said it’s the most ‘freeing thing’ she ever did!  Charlize recommends that all women try it in their lifetime.  Charlize Theron looks beautiful either way…but we are loving this blonde cut.

(Photo via US Weekly)

Kellie Pickler has different reasons for buzzing off her blonde locks.  Her best friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Kellie cut her hair short in support.  Kellie is making a statement with her short hair and she looks adorable while doing it.

(Photo via Just Jared)

While some celebrities are recently chopping off their long locks for an easier shorter doo, there are many celebrities that have been sporting short hair for quite a while.  Maybe these ladies have started the trend of short hair on women in Hollywood, but no matter the reason, these ladies have always looked beautiful with short hair.

Halle Barry

(Photo via Huffington Post)

Ginnifer Goodwin

(Photo via Glamour)

Amber Rose

(Photo via NY Daily News)

Rihanna has always been very versatile and changing it up quite often.  It seems that half the time Rihanna has long beautiful hair and the other half she keeps it neat and short.  Which do you like better?

(Photo via Zeenews)

(Photo via Idolator)

So whether or not short hair on women in Hollywood is the new thing…we are loving these ladies’ looks!  Let us know what you think!  What are some other big trends going on in Hollywood right now?  With the influence these women have on the rest of the world who knows what will be next!

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