Celebrities Dressed up for the Holidays

When you think of celebrities dressed up for the holidays…you think beautiful gowns in red, gold and silver and the men in high end tuxedos!  Well we have quite a different idea of celebrities dressed up for the holidays MSN Entertainment‘s blog Wonderwall gives us a great list of celebrities dressed up for the holidays; dressed up like ornaments that is!!  Check out the pics below and make sure to go to msn.com or CLICK HERE to read up on all the celebrities dressed up for the holidays!

Lady Gaga Number One

(photo via msn.com)

Lady Gaga Number Two

(photo via msn.com)

Lady Gaga Number Three

(photo via msn.com)

Katy Perry Number One

  (photo via msn.com)

Katy Perry Number Two

(photo via msn.com)

Carrie Underwood lights up the stage

 (photo via msn.com)

Ed Sheeran makes a cute Gingerbread Man

 (photo via msn.com)

Florence Welch in a poofy Holiday get-up

 (photo via msn.com)

Kim Cattrall could be the wrapping on any present under the tree this year

 (photo via msn.com)

Khloe Kardashian looking like a big yummy Candy Cane

 (photo via msn.com)

Madonna looking like a grass ornament?

(photo via msn.com)

Rihanna looks like a snow angel in this beautiful gown

(photo via msn.com)

All of these celebrities dressed up for the holidays really makes us excited for this time of year!  Lady Gaga is always dressed to the nines and many of her outfits can be interpreted as holiday wear!  Our favorite would have to be Katy Perry though!  She really hits the nail on the head when you talk about celebrities dressed up for the holidays! Comment below to let us know your favorite Celebrity Ornament!  Don’t forget to Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Last Sunday’s American Music Awards was great!!!  Miley Cyrus performed, and although it was a bit weird, it was nothing to go crazy over like her performance at the 2013 VMA’s!!!  But what we really want to bring attention to this year is the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet!  Most of the stars looked fabulous this year and we have pictures below to prove it!!  Take a look at the stars on the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet.  Don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think of the red carpet this year and Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to keep up on the latest industry gossip!!!


(photo via justjared.com)


(photo via justjared.com)

Jennifer Hudson

(photo via justjared.com)

Lady Gaga

(photo via eonline.com)

Miley Cyrus

(photo via redcarpet-fashionawards.com)

Taylor Swift

(photo via eonline.com)

Katy Perry

(photo via ontheredcarpet.com)

Naya Rivera

(photo via redcarpet-fashionawards.com)

Christina Aguilera

(photo via yahoo.com)

Jennifer Lopez

(photo via eonline.com)


(photo via fashionbombdaily.com)

One Direction

(photo via billboard.com)


(photo via yahoo.com)

We want to know who your best dressed and of course worst dressed was on the American Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet!!!  Let us know in the comments below or of course on Twitter or Facebook!!!  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!

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2013 VMAs | Success or Failure?

Who watched the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night?  OMG is all we have to say!!!  Even if you haven’t seen the VMAs, we know you have seen the video clips of Miley Cyrus‘ performance of We Cant’ Stop, no?  Well if not, check it out below:

Miley Cyrus performing We Can’t Stop and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs

So…what are you thinking?  Was Miley’s performance hot or not?  Do you think Miley Cyrus went too far in her performance with Robin Thicke or was she just trying to be different?  Let us know your opinion on our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and Twitter with the hashtag #MileyHotOrNot.

As for the rest of the show…there were some pretty cool performances!  Justin Timberlake performed on the 2013 VMAs for quite a long time, some may say they even became bored, until the end that is!  At the end of his performance, Justin Timberlake brought out a very special surprise…his former boyband mates from N’Sync.  Now, we must admit, it was pretty cool.

Justin Timberlake at the 2013 VMAs performing with N’Sync

(photo via spin.com)

We finally got to see Lady Gaga at the 2013 VMAs.  Gaga was interviewed on the streets of Brooklyn which served as the red carpet for the event held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Lady Gaga also opened the show with a great performance of her new single “Applause“.  By the end of her performance, Gaga was half naked with big hair…and we loved it!!

Lady Gaga opening the 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn

(photo via billboard.com)

Check out some of the other celebrities that came out for the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York below:

Rita Ora on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via washingtonpost.com)

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via usmagazine.com)

Big Sean and Naya Rivera on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via usmagazine.com)

So if you watched the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night live from Brooklyn, New York (which by the way, was just an awesome idea on MTVs part) what did you think?  Was the awards show a success or failure this year?  Considering the different performances (some raunchy, some surprising) and all of the celebrities that were there, was it worth watching?  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter and comment below to let us know your thoughts!!

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Headdresses Are Extrememly Popular Today..

 headdress is a general term for anything worn on the head. It is usually distinct from hats and helmets, and does not generally serve a functional or protective purpose. Headdresses were a sign of royalty or high social status in Ancient Egypt and have been worn by men and women for religious, cultural or fashion-related reasons.
Throughout the history of clothing, the headdress has been part and parcel of proper attire, it is also a sign of royalty or high social status. Today, it is for fashion statement. We often see beautiful headdresses worn by models and often used in many fashion shows and events which add a dramatic flair. We are seeing celebrites, models, singers, and even brides wearing headdresses.  Check Out all the Different Types Below and Let Us Know What Your Favorite Type Is….

Victorias Secret Fashion Show (photo via GossipColums.com)


Lady Gaga in a Headdress (photo via LadyGagaFans.co.uk)



Women Headdress (photo via Amongthenarcissi.com)


Headdress  (photo via CelenaMakeup.com)
Crystal Headdress (photo via etsy.com)

Wedding Headdress  (photo via BostonMagazine.com)


Katy Perry wearing Headdress (photo via Wire Image)

Paris Hilton (Photo via Etsy.com)


 Keisha (photo via CargoCollective.com)


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The Stars Did Not Disappoint Us On The Red Carpet at The 2013 Grammy Awards.  We get excited when the Grammy’s come around because traditionally Celebrities like to take chances with their attire.


(JLo at the 2000 Grammys’)

(Toni Braxton at the 2001 Grammy’s)


This year Deadline.com reported a memo sent out by CBS executives urging a more modest dress code from celebrities going down the ‘Grammy red carpet.’

“Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples,” reads the memo, which was distributed to Grammys attendees and their representatives just days before the show.

Fortunately for us, the memo didn’t cause a shortage of hottness at the 2013 Grammys.  We can always count on JLO; How sexy are those shoes?

(photo at HuffingtonPost.com via WireImage)

Kelly Rowland looking Flawless!! How Amazing Is her Body???



Check out our Best Dressed List and let us know your thoughts…

Giuliana Rancic looking absolutely breathtaking!!!     (photo via Invision/AP Images)

Taylor Swift Simply Stunning!!!  (photo via Invision/AP Images)

This sexy dress is the Perfect Color for the Gorgeous Katy Perry!! (photo via Invision/AP Images)

Rihanna Makes Hearts Skip a Beat in this Romantical Red Dress!!!




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