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New Horror Film Ninety From Oxymoron Entertainment Set To Out-Gore Saw?

It’s very rare to find an in-production movie on which virtually nothing is written or known, but that seems to be the case with the horror film Ninety, an Oxymoron Entertainment production that sounds like a cross between Se7en and Natural Born Killers. Director Darren Lynn Bousman says there will be a fun, camp element at play in the film as well.

Who is Darren Lynn Bousman? You ask.

Bousman helmed three installments (II, III, and IV) of the Saw series, which basically created the gore horror genre–or at least the newest generation of gore–and arguably comprises the biggest horror franchise of this century. Only the Final Destination series holds a candle as far as box office and number of sequels. If there’s anyone who understands the trends behind commercially successful horror films–and jaw-droppingly gruesome death scenes–it is Bousman.

It’s hard to find much information about Ninety. Without a IMDBPro account, which still only contains a skeletal synopsis, you’re left piecing together scant details of a project with a few attached actors and a basic slugline. The latter is certainly intriguing. The film is about a psychopathic, though wrongfully accused, felon who escapes from prison with a dramatically morbid objective: to commit 90 murders in 90 minutes while being chased by the detective that put him away in the first place.

That’s right, the movie will contain 90 murders, each one uniquely depraved. This seems like fairly usual terrain in the American cinema landscape that may afford ample opportunities for satire and trenchant social examination on top of the action. Even other recent horror film franchises like Hostel and The Hills Have Eyes have been able to integrate blistering critiques into their rather straight forward plots.

Produced by serial entrepreneur Christopher Mallick, who gave us Middle Men and this year’s Columbus Circle, Ninety sounds like it will continue in a unique tradition of truly bizarre movie plots told without apology or capitulation. Mallick, in addition to owning Oxymoron, also founded Stereo D, a 2D to 3D conversion studio he co-owns with actor/producer Giovanni Ribisi.

George Gallo, who directed both Middle Men and Columbus Circle, claims both films were approached as stories that needed to push forward relentlessly without stopping to explain themselves too much. Gallo and Mallick believe this cinematic strategy forces the viewer to pay closer attention, as even blinking once could allow a critical plot detail to be missed.

We can likely expect Ninety to follow a similarly relentless formula.


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