Headdresses Are Extrememly Popular Today..

 headdress is a general term for anything worn on the head. It is usually distinct from hats and helmets, and does not generally serve a functional or protective purpose. Headdresses were a sign of royalty or high social status in Ancient Egypt and have been worn by men and women for religious, cultural or fashion-related reasons.
Throughout the history of clothing, the headdress has been part and parcel of proper attire, it is also a sign of royalty or high social status. Today, it is for fashion statement. We often see beautiful headdresses worn by models and often used in many fashion shows and events which add a dramatic flair. We are seeing celebrites, models, singers, and even brides wearing headdresses.  Check Out all the Different Types Below and Let Us Know What Your Favorite Type Is….

Victorias Secret Fashion Show (photo via


Lady Gaga in a Headdress (photo via



Women Headdress (photo via


Headdress  (photo via
Crystal Headdress (photo via

Wedding Headdress  (photo via


Katy Perry wearing Headdress (photo via Wire Image)

Paris Hilton (Photo via


 Keisha (photo via


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