Oscar Nominations Released!

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Now that the Oscar Nominations have been released, the team at Oxymoron Entertainment are interested to  hear your thoughts on the nominees and which films you are rooting for.  There have been some great films this year and we are eager to see who will be taking home the golden statues.

Below are some interesting facts about the awards show from MSN Entertainment’s Guide to the 2013 Academy Awards®:

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The first Academy Awards® ceremony was held in May 1929 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

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The statuette given to winners is made of tin, copper and antimony, with a thick covering of 24-karat gold, weighing in at 8.5 pounds.

Bette Davis (Photo Via Wikipedia.org)

The award’s “Oscar” nickname is said to have come about after actress Bette Davis remarked that the statue resembled her then husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson.

Vivien Leigh (Photo Via Wikipedia.org)

Vivien Leigh is one of the more famous names to have had her Oscar sold. The award the actress won in 1939 was auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York in 1993 for $563,000. Winners since 1950 have been made to pledge not to sell their statue.

(Photo Via Wikimedia.org)

Earlier Academy Awards ceremonies went on for around six hours, but this has now been reduced to around four hours after protests from fans and decreasing audience numbers.

Titanic and All About Eve (Photo Via Yahoo.com)

Titanic” (1997) shares the record with “All About Eve” for most film nominations.

Walt Disney (Photo Via Itthing.com)

Walt Disney holds the record for the most Oscars given to an individual.  He has 22 Academy Awards® wins.

To read more about the Academy Awards® and fun facts, please visit Movies.msn.com.