Documentary Review by BLOGTHIS, PAL!

BlogThisPal! reviews “After Porn Ends”

What Happens After Porn Ends?

by: Gordon Dymowski

One of the more disturbing aspects of American culture (including popular culture) is the duality of our opinions and perspectives – we celebrate those who achieve, yet will denigrate those who do not try ‘hard enough’; we will worship mediocrity while complaining about a lack of excellence; and we will publicly renounce resources that we privately enjoy.

I’m talking, of course, about pornography, and writing this post is a little challenging – I’m writing about a great documentary entitled After Porn Ends, and because of one single word, my view rates will go through the roof, but people will click off this post when they see it is not porn, which is a shame….because this is one of the more fascinating documentaries of recent years…

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After Porn Ends is available on DVD and Netflix streaming, and well worth viewing.

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