The Truth Behind Disney Fairytales

A little while back we posted a blog about our beloved Disney Fairytales.  These famous tales go back thousands of years and have been retold over and over again.  Disney has retold many of those fairytales and in a previous blog we shared some secrets behind Disney Fairytales.  If you want to check that out go to or CLICK HERE!!!

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Other secrets behind Disney Fairytales are the fact that in all of their movies they leave out all of the horrible and evil details that are included in the original versions of these stories!   wrote a blogpost for The Huffington Post about the horrifying details behind Disney Fairytales and says, “many of my favorite Disney movies had much more gruesome details that Disney completely left out.”  Check out some of these Disney Fairytales and the details that were left out of their movies:


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In the original version of this fairytale, one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters cuts off her toes, and the other her heel so they can both fit into the tiny glass slipper. The prince is notified by little doves that there is blood on the shoe, and finally discovers that the true owner is Cinderella. Once the stepsisters realize that they should try to win favor with Cinderella (after all, she will be queen), they attend her wedding, only to have their eyes pecked out by birds.  To read more CLICK HERE.

Sleeping Beauty

In Giambattista Basile’s tale (which is the actual origin of the Sleeping Beauty story), a king happens to walk by Sleeping Beauty’s castle and knock on the door. When no one answers, he climbs up a ladder through a window. He finds the princess, and calls to her, but as she is unconscious, she does not wake up. Well, dear reader, he carries her to the bed and rapes her. Then he just leaves.  To read more CLICK HERE.

To read more about the gruesome details left out of our favorite Disney Fairytales CLICK HERE or go to  You will most definitely be surprised to find out what the original versions of these stories included!!!  After reading the full article don’t forget to comment below our post to let us know what you think!  And don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to leave your thoughts!!


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A Toast for After Porn Ends MovieBoozer Review

If you haven’t seen it yet, you must check out Oxymoron Entertainment‘s documentary After Porn Ends.  Have you ever wondered what happens to porn stars after they retire from the business?  Where do they end up?  Can they carry on a normal life?  Check the critically acclaimed porn doc After Porn Ends to learn more about these people’s lives!  Go to to find out more and check out the After Porn Ends MovieBoozer review right here!

After Porn Ends Official Trailer

Oxymoron Entertainment‘s After Porn Ends Movieboozer review is pretty cool!  I mean if you didn’t want to see After Porn Ends before check out the After Porn Ends Movieboozer review below!  They give us A Toast which is their highest honor!!! Also check out to find out more about their reviews and the movies they like to toast or get wasted to!!!

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After Porn Ends Movieboozer Review:

For those of you who occasionally dabble in the viewing of the pornographic arts, have you ever wondered what happens when the performers we all love to watch suddenly decide to keep their clothes on and walk away from the business that made them famous by lying on their backs? Sure, having porn on your resume cancels some of your career options later on in life but in After Porn Ends, director Bryce Wagoner tells a very compelling and objective look at the performers—male and female—and how they cope with life after porn. The film looks at both types of performers—those who struggled and those who managed to put their past behind them—as well as those who really haven’t been able to escape their past and have become “lifers” in a business that has its ups (no pun intended), downs, and plenty of T&A (tans and awards; what did you think I meant?)  To read the rest of the After Porn Ends Movieboozer review click here!!!  Please follow Oxymoron Entertainment and After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and After Porn Ends Facebook page!!!  Don’t forget to watch After Porn Ends (click here to find out how you can watch) and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Subliminal Messages About Sex in Disney Movies

Have you ever been watching a movie and saw something odd flash across the screen from the corner of your eye?  Something so quick you’re not even sure if it was really there or you were just seeing things!  There have been a few Disney movies that critics say have done just this!  There has been a lot of talk that the word sex pops up in quite a few messages in Disney movies.  Keep reading to find out more about the theme of sex in Disney Movies.

Some of the movies like, Aladdin, you can actually hear something in the background.  There is a part in the animated film where it sounds like someone is saying, “C’mon good teenagers, take off your clothes.”  I know crazy!  But in the video down below, you can actually hear this and you may start believing that there are more messages about sex in Disney movies that they are trying to hide!

Lion King | Sex in Disney Movies

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There are a lot of Disney movies that in one scene or another, spell out the word S-E-X, somehow in the background.  Watch the video to see for yourself, and let us know what you think.  Do you think this is all coincidence, or do you think Disney does this because they can?  Maybe they want to see how much they can get away with?  Hopefully young children are not catching on, and for us adults, it’s kind of funny!!!  You might be surprised how many messages about sex are in Disney movies.

Watch the video to see for yourself, and let us know what you think.  Do you think this is all coincidence, or do you think Disney does this because they can?  There are many secrets behind our beloved Disney movies and sex seems to be a lingering theme!

There are many secrets behind Disney movies and many hidden messages!  Take a look below at the picture from the Lion King and let us know what you see!  Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to let us know what you see in this picture:

Can you see the outline of the Woman’s naked body on the Lion King’s Face?

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Total Body Makeover for a Movie Role | Total Transformations

Often times when actors get a movie role, they have to change many things to become that character.  Sometimes celebrities may need hours of makeup or maybe they have to speak with a foreign accent.  No matter what, most actors want to play these characters as honestly as they can.  This might mean a lot of prep work for a role and in some cases one of the most honest things an actor can do in order to play certain characters is to lose weight!  Now we are not talking five or ten pounds here…some actors have made physical transformations including a total body makeover for a movie role!

Recently, there have been quite a few actors that have gone through a total body makeover for a movie role.  Matthew McConaughy as well as his co-star Jared Leto both forwent total body makeovers for their roles in the movie Dallas Buyers Club.  Both actors portray men with HIV in the 80s and needed to drop a significant amount of weight for the roles.

Total Body Makeover for a Movie Role: Matthew McConaughy

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Check out this before and after photo of Matthew McConaughey so you can see his total body makeover for a movie role:

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Jared Leto also took part in a total body makeover for a movie role.  Along with his co-star in Dallas Buyers Club, Matt and Jared both dropped a lot of weight for this movie.

Total Body Makeover for a Movie Role: Jared Leto

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Here the two are shown together from a scene in the movie.  You can plainly see both men are very thin in this movie and it has been said that they both lost around 40 pounds for their roles in Dallas Buyers Club!  Talk about a total body makeover for a movie role!

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Below, check out some other actors that have gone through a total body makeover for a movie role:

Jake Gyllenhaal: Night Crawler

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Jason Segel: Sex Tape

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Over many years actors and actresses have been transforming themselves for movie roles. Check out the rest of our before and after pictures of some of the actors that have gone through a total body makeover for a movie role.  Don’t forget to go to Facebook to like our Oxymoron Entertainment Page and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest in entertainment.  Let us know what you think about these physical transformations in the comment section below!

Christian Bale: The Machinist

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Fifty Cent aka Curtis Jackson: Things Fall Apart

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ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013

October 21st brought out some major stars at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013.  The ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration this year at The Four Seasons Hotel honored Naomie Harris, Shailene Woodley, Eva Marie Saint, Marion Cotillard, Melissa McCarthy, Reese Witherspoon and director Nancy Meyers at its 20th annual event Monday.  Many stars turned up for the celebration and looked great on the red carpet!

Reese Witherspoon at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013

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Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous on the red carpet at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala in a red Calvin Klein dress.  Check out some of the other red carpet looks below and check out the Huffington Post for more red carpet looks from the 20th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala.

Melissa McCarthy at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013

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Naya Rivera at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013

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Lea Michele at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Gala 2013

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To check out the rest of the beautifully dressed stars at this years ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebrations CLICK HERE for  Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook Page to keep up with all of our blog posts and the latest on the Red Carpet!

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013

Halloween is always a fun time of year!  This is especially true when we get to see all of the fun celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013, good or bad!  Celebrities always seem to have the best costumes, whether it is because most of them have access to television and movie wardrobe departments or because they are super creative, it doesn’t matter because we love to see them in all their glory!  Take a look below at some of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

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Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel dress up twice for Halloween this year.  Above Fergie is Elvira and below…well check it out!

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Miley Cyrus 

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Miley Cyrus seen above dressed as Lil’ Kim in an infamous outfit she wore years ago at an awards ceremony!  We love this!

Ellen Degeneres

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We think Ellen takes the cake here!  She dressed up as Nicki Minaj in the exact same outfit Nicki wore on her show not long before!  Ellen, the boobs look great!!!

Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler shown above in a picture taken at buddy Kate Hudson‘s Halloween party as, gasp, a pregnant woman!  To funny comedienne Chelsea, this is a very scary Halloween costume!


 (photo via

With millions and millions of Instagram followers, Beyonce got creative and for Halloween dressed up as an Instagram Photo!

Snooki and JWoww

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Snooki and JWoww or should we say Nicole Polizzi and Jenny Farley, from the previous MTV show Jersey Shore, who now have their own show on MTV called Snooki and JWoww dressed up as two peas in a pod…well not peas, Queens!! Snooki went as the White Queen and JWoww as The Queen of Hearts.

Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock and her son look adorable and spooky here, but what was really great was Sandra stepping out with friend Melissa McCarthy and her children.  Both women dressed as fisherman in L.A. for trick-or-treating!

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

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In keeping with the family and kids theme…check out star of How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris and his family below.  So cute!!!

Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

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Kelly Ripa and her co-host of the show Live with Kelly and Michael, Michael Strahan dress up in many different costumes for their Halloween special.  Here they closed the show as some of the cast of Sons of Anarchy!  Check out the rest of the costumes at!

And what would Halloween be this year without any Miley Cyrus costumes?  Below check out some of our favorite Miley celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013.

Paris Hilton

(photo via

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan (again)

(photo via

Hugh Hefner and wife Crystal Harris

(photo via

Jenny McCarthy

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Jenny McCarthy took it to a whole new level with the Miley Cyrus celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013!  Jenny, co-host of The View, dressed as Miley’s tongue!!!  Jenny we have to give it to you…way to think out of the…mouth?

After checking out all of our favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013 let us know who your favorite was!  Post any other costumes if we missed any that you love on our Twitter or Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page!  We also want to know…Who Wore it Best?  Which Miley Cyrus Costume did you like this best this year?  Comment below to let us know!!!

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