2013 VMAs | Success or Failure?

Who watched the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night?  OMG is all we have to say!!!  Even if you haven’t seen the VMAs, we know you have seen the video clips of Miley Cyrus‘ performance of We Cant’ Stop, no?  Well if not, check it out below:

Miley Cyrus performing We Can’t Stop and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs

So…what are you thinking?  Was Miley’s performance hot or not?  Do you think Miley Cyrus went too far in her performance with Robin Thicke or was she just trying to be different?  Let us know your opinion on our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and Twitter with the hashtag #MileyHotOrNot.

As for the rest of the show…there were some pretty cool performances!  Justin Timberlake performed on the 2013 VMAs for quite a long time, some may say they even became bored, until the end that is!  At the end of his performance, Justin Timberlake brought out a very special surprise…his former boyband mates from N’Sync.  Now, we must admit, it was pretty cool.

Justin Timberlake at the 2013 VMAs performing with N’Sync

(photo via spin.com)

We finally got to see Lady Gaga at the 2013 VMAs.  Gaga was interviewed on the streets of Brooklyn which served as the red carpet for the event held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Lady Gaga also opened the show with a great performance of her new single “Applause“.  By the end of her performance, Gaga was half naked with big hair…and we loved it!!

Lady Gaga opening the 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn

(photo via billboard.com)

Check out some of the other celebrities that came out for the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York below:

Rita Ora on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via washingtonpost.com)

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via usmagazine.com)

Big Sean and Naya Rivera on the Red Carpet at the 2013 VMAs

(photo via usmagazine.com)

So if you watched the 2013 VMAs on Sunday night live from Brooklyn, New York (which by the way, was just an awesome idea on MTVs part) what did you think?  Was the awards show a success or failure this year?  Considering the different performances (some raunchy, some surprising) and all of the celebrities that were there, was it worth watching?  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter and comment below to let us know your thoughts!!

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Some Interesting Facts About The Wizard of Oz

The Classic Film The Wizard of Oz might be considered old, but some consider it to be one of the best films ever made!  August 25th. was the seventy-fourth anniversary of the release of MGM’s grand Technicolor fantasy film The Wizard of Oz.  Almost seventy-five years old, there are a lot of interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz that you probably didn’t know.

Cast of The Wizard of Oz

(photo via flavorwire.com)

Check out some of these interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz below:

  1. Bert Lahr’s Cowardly Lion costume weighed almost 100 pounds and was made with real lion pelts.
  2. Judy Garland had to wear a corset in order to appear more childlike for her role as Dorothy. She was 16 years old when she made the movie.
  3. The early Technicolor process required more light than a normal film production, so the set temperatures often exceeded 100 degrees.
  4. In L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s slippers were silver. They were changed to “ruby” in order to take advantage of the Technicolor wow factor. Multiple sets were created for the film. A pair of the ruby slippers were stolen in 2005, but several others remain under lock and key.

Check out the the article 50 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from flavorwire.com and read the rest of the 50 interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz.  After reading about some of the interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz, comment below and check out our Facebook page and Twitter and let us know what you think the coolest fact is.

The characters from The Wizard of Oz walking down the Yellow Brick Road

 (photo via purefit360.com)


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 CNN News: Hollywood Takes On Porn (Middle Men)

Hollywood has been known to push the envelope with blockbuster films and is continually creating new genre’s that will interest moviegoers.  With millions flocking to theaters worldwide, we take a look at films that highlight a taboo subject matter, the adult film industry.  From an industry worth billions it is no surprise that Hollywood takes on porn and would try and create films focusing on this subject matter.  From Oxymoron Entertainment’s 2009 film entitled, “Middle Men” starring Luke Wilson about the internet porn industry, to 2013′s “Lovelace” starring Amanda Seyfried about a porn star, fans can find a wide selection to choose from.
CNN recently posted a slideshow containing a vast array of movies based on the subject, Hollywood takes on porn.  Oxymoron Entertainment’s Middle Men is one of many films based on the adult film industry, whether it be about the industry itself or about the actors that star in porn.
Middle MenIn 1995, everyone had a VCR, music was sold in record stores, and the world-wide-web was a new found discovery.  Businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life – a beautiful family and a successful career fixing problem companies.  Then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but troubled men, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet.  When Jack agrees to help steer their business, he soon finds himself caught between a 23 year-old porn star and the FBI all the while becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his time.  Witness a story so outrageous, you won’t believe it’s true. A story that proves business is a lot like sex… getting in is easy, pulling out is hard.
Middle Men Movie | Luke Wilson | Giovanni Ribisi | Gabriel Macht | James Caan
To Read the Full Article from CNN CLICK HERE...
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Teen Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

The Teen Choice Awards 2013 were held on Sunday, August 11th.  While the show may be geared toward younger viewers, we always want to see who shows up and what they look like!  The Teen Choice Awards 2013 red carpet was full of stars.  If you caught the ceremony then you saw teenagers screaming for performances by acts like One Direction and Demi Lovato.

Teen Choice Awards 2013: One Direction

(photo via capitalfm.com)

Teen Choice Awards 2013: Demi Lovato

(photo via ontheredcarpet.com)

You may have caught one of the best parts of the Teen Choice Awards 2013, when Lea Michele of Glee accepted an award.  She dedicated the award to her late boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith, who sadly passed away of a heroin overdose in July.

Teen Choice Awards 2013: Lea Michele

(photo via eonline.com)

Check out the video below of highlights for the Teen Choice Awards 2013 red carpet and let us know what you thought of everyone’s looks!  Who was your favorite on the red carpet?  Go to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know who your favorite performance was and who gave the best acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards 2013.

Red Carpet Highlights

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Ellen DeGeneres to Host The Academy Awards

Who is excited for Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year?  Well we certainly are, and by the looks of her tweet so is she!

We love Ellen!  This is not the first time The Academy has chosen Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy AwardsEllen first hosted the ceremony in 2007 and received an Emmy Nomination based on her outstanding performance as a host!

Ellen DeGeneres to Host the Academy Awards, here she is shown hosting in 2007

(photo via vulture.com)

We like the idea of Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year.  Check out the 10 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Hosting the Academy Awards is the Best Thing Ever from HuffingtonPost.com.  Do you think Ellen as the host is the best thing ever?  Think back to the many hosts of the Oscars.  There have been many repeats like Steve Martin and Billy Crystal.  Last year the producers chose Seth MacFarlane.  Go to our Oxymoron Entertainment Twitter page and Facebook page and let us know who you would choose!  Would you choose Ellen DeGeneres to host the Academy Awards next year or would you go with someone new?  Let us know who you think would be the best host for the Oscars next year!



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Phobias in Horror Films

So, we want to keep the conversation about scary movies going!  The release of the small film The Conjuring, recently, has become huge and has got us thinking a lot about horror films.

The Conjuring movie poster

(photo via filmofilia.com)

Scary movies or Horror films can have many different plots, from the babysitter stalker to the haunted lake or cabin!  I am sure you have seen them all!  Many scary movies revolve around phobias.  Phobias in horror films have been present throughout the decades.  According to Wikipedia, a phobia is an anxiety disorder usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.  So, this is not typically something you may be a little bit scared of, but rather something you will DO ANYTHING to avoid!  Do you have any intense phobias?  Do you or anyone you know have a phobia so scary you think Hollywood could make a movie out of it?  Or maybe they have already made a movie about these phobias in horror films.  We want to know what you are most scared of!

Oxymoron Entertainment‘s movie Columbus Circle starring Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Kevin Pollak, and Giovanni Ribisi, among other great actors, is a perfect example of a horror movie or thriller revolving around an intense phobia.  According to the synopsis on Columbus Circle‘s website Columbuscirclemovie.com, Abigail Clayton (Selma Blair) lives alone, very alone.  In fact, the attractive heiress has not left her Manhattan loft apartment for almost two decades!  This is a great example of phobias in horror films.  Selma Blair‘s character suffers from Agoraphobia, or a severe disorder to which someone can become very afraid of leaving their house or home environment.  Check out Columbus Circle’s Facebook page and Twitter and let us know what you think!

Phobias in Horror Films: Coulrophobia or the fear of clowns

 (photo via rodsteele.com)

Phobias in Horror Films: Arachnophobia or a fear of spiders

 (photo via animal.discovery.com)

On piperboy.jux.com, The Observer has put together a really cool slide show called Fears and Phobias in Horror Movies.  The slideshow lists quite a few phobias in horror films!  Check out the slideshow and give us your thoughts!  Go to our Oxymoron Entertainment Twitter page and use the #PhobiasInHorrorFilms and our Oxymoron Entertainment Facebook page and answer our questions:  Do you have any intense phobias?  Do you or anyone you know have a phobia so scary you think Hollywood could make a movie out of it?  You may not have a scientific name for your phobia (although I am sure there is one) but we still want to hear all about it and any stories that go along with it!  What absurd things have you done to avoid this person, place or thing?  We are dying to hear your responses!!!

While you are at it check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of the movie The Conjuring.  It has been blowing up at the box office and getting some scary reviews!  Were there any phobias present in this movie?  What do you think they were?  Don’t forget to leave your comments on our Oxymoron Entertainment Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages!

The Conjuring Official Movie Trailer

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Scariest Movie Locations | What Scares You?

A lot of movies are filmed on location.  This means the movie is not filmed on a movie studio lot or soundstage, but at an actual location somewhere in the world!  Do you like horror films?  Take the movie The Amityville Horror, for instance.  The movie was based on a haunted house in Amityville, New York where many murders were committed.  The actual location of the filming for the original movie in 1979 was at a house in Toms River, New Jersey.  In this particular movie, was the house scary?  Could that have been one of the scariest movie locations you have ever seen?  Think back to any horror films or thrillers and let us know what you think are the scariest movie locations.

Scariest Movie Locations: The house filmed in the 1979 original The Amityville Horror

(photo via piperboy.com)

MSN.com recently posted an article about the scariest movie locations.  Check out the article and their slideshow of the scariest movie locations on their list!  After you respond to the article, go to our Twitter page or our Facebook page and let us know what your scariest movie locations are and if you can add any to the list!

Scariest Movie Locations: MSN.com

(photo via MSN.com)

While we are on the topic of scary movies we also want to know if you have any scary phobias?  Do you have an intense fear of something so scary you could actually make a movie about it?  Come back to our Oxymoron Entertainment Blog very soon to find out more about phobias in horror films!

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