Find Out Where Your Favorite Movies Were Filmed

Ever wonder where your favorite movies were filmed?  Are you interested to find out where your favorite movies were filmed?  Maybe you are a movie buff or maybe you want to find out more about an old movie.  What many people may not know are that movies aren’t just filmed on movie sets in Hollywood!  Many movies are filmed outside “on location” all over the world.

Even though Hollywood only exists in LA, not all movies are shot there!  Many movies and TV shows are filmed on location, maybe right down the street from where you live.  Do you want to find out where your favorite movies were filmed?

Check these out…maybe you know where these famous movie scenes were shot!

Pretty Woman

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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According to Wikipedia, it is often mistakenly believed that filming “on location” takes place in the actual location in which its story is set, but this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes you will find that a movie may be set somewhere specific, like maybe on a beach in Washington state, but it is actually filmed on a beach in Oregon somewhere!  Or you never know, you could live in a town where a movie has been filmed, or filmed close by.  Find out where your favorite movies were filmed and some other fun facts about movie locations.  Check out these sites to see where these movies and where your favorite movies were filmed on location!

Middle Men – Luke WIlson, Giovanni Ribisi, and Gabriel Macht

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Silver Linings Playbook -  Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence   

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Argo – Ben Affleck                

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You can also check out and to find out more about your favorite movies and the locations where your favorite movies were filmed!


Are Zombies Here to Stay, or Just Passing Through?

First it was vampires.  Then vampires and warewolves.  Then zombies.  Are zombies here to stay, or just passing through?  The newest fad in television and movies seems to be the walking dead, more commonly known as zombies!

So, are zombies here to stay, or just passing through?  Actually, zombies have been around for a really long time, and with a huge fan base.  Recently though, zombies seem to be taking over the big screen and the little screen!  You can see zombies in movies dating way back to 1932, in White Zombie.  The zombies in this movie may be a little different than what we are used to seeing today, as these were corpses brought back to life to act as a slave!  What about Frankenstein?  The first installment of this movie was released in 1931.  Frankenstein was a zombie brought back to life after being put back together with the body parts of exhumed corpses!


(photo via Britannica)

More zombie movies followed the likes of these!  In 1964 Night of the Living Dead was released.  These were bloodthirsty zombies hunting for people hiding in a farmhouse.  The first version of Dawn of the Dead was released in 1978, about a growing epidemic of zombies.  But more recently there has been an onslaught of zombies.  Everywhere you look its dead walking corpses, with a huge fan base and following!  So are zombies here to stay, or just passing through?

Actually, zombie flicks have been a fad for quite a while, but since the turn of the new millennium we have really been seeing a lot of zombie movies.  And since the release of the television series The Walking Dead in 2010, there have been even more zombie movies on the big screen.

The Wallking Dead on AMC is about a police officer who leads a group of survivors in a world filled with zombies.  The show has gained a huge following, has won 10 different awards and has been nominated for 41 more!

The Walking Dead on AMC

(photo via Zombie-Apocolypse-Headquarters)

The list of zombie movies goes on and on, but just since The Walking Dead has been airing there have been quiet a few movies released.  Some of these include Zombie Apocalypse, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, and just this year Warm Bodies, a movie about an unusual zombie who forms a relationship with a young woman and helps save her from an attack.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

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Warm Bodies

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And now with the release of one of the most expensive zombie movies in US history, World War Z starring the one and only Brad Pitt, it seems zombies are here to stay!  World War Z, set to release on June 21st of this year, a story about a zombie pandemic just proves that the fad of zombie movies has become more than that!  So, to answer the question, are zombies here to stay, or just passing through?  Looks like they are here for the long haul!!!

World War Z

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To check out more fun tidbits about zombie movies check out

If you are a fan of zombies and zombie movies watch this video on YouTube Top 10 Zombie Movies & TV Shows by Geek Legion of Doom.


Short Hair on Women in Hollywood…The New Thing?

Recently celebrities everywhere have been popping up with new short hair cuts.  Is short hair on women in Hollywood the new thing?  For years actresses like Halle Barry have been sporting pixie cuts, but it seems more and more of these cute cuts are showing up in Hollywood.  If short hair on women in Hollywood is the new thing there are a few startlets that are doing a great job of showing off their short haircuts.  Check out the short hair on these women in Hollywood!

Anne Hathaway was just awarded with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the recent Academy Awards.  While her dress may have gotten a lot of criticism, her hair looked fabulous!

(Photo via Hair4tomorrow)

(Photo via Stylebistro)

Another starlet sporting a new short pixie cut is Miley Cyrus.  Way back when Miley was Hannah Montana, she had long wavy locks which were beautiful, but her new short rocker cut really gives her an edginess that she never had when she was on the Disney Channel.  Now with Miley’s new older and more sophisticated attitude she has the hair to match!

 (Photo via E! Online)

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(Photo via Huffington Post)

(Photo via Crushable)

Charlize Theron has chopped off most of her hair as well.  If short hair on women in Hollywood is the newest thing, Ms. Theron is right on trend.  While some actresses have been cutting their hair short to change their look, Charlize cut her hair for a role in the new movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and has said it’s the most ‘freeing thing’ she ever did!  Charlize recommends that all women try it in their lifetime.  Charlize Theron looks beautiful either way…but we are loving this blonde cut.

(Photo via US Weekly)

Kellie Pickler has different reasons for buzzing off her blonde locks.  Her best friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Kellie cut her hair short in support.  Kellie is making a statement with her short hair and she looks adorable while doing it.

(Photo via Just Jared)

While some celebrities are recently chopping off their long locks for an easier shorter doo, there are many celebrities that have been sporting short hair for quite a while.  Maybe these ladies have started the trend of short hair on women in Hollywood, but no matter the reason, these ladies have always looked beautiful with short hair.

Halle Barry

(Photo via Huffington Post)

Ginnifer Goodwin

(Photo via Glamour)

Amber Rose

(Photo via NY Daily News)

Rihanna has always been very versatile and changing it up quite often.  It seems that half the time Rihanna has long beautiful hair and the other half she keeps it neat and short.  Which do you like better?

(Photo via Zeenews)

(Photo via Idolator)

So whether or not short hair on women in Hollywood is the new thing…we are loving these ladies’ looks!  Let us know what you think!  What are some other big trends going on in Hollywood right now?  With the influence these women have on the rest of the world who knows what will be next!

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Check out what Luke Wilson is up to these days in an Interview on

Back in October of 2011 a show called Enlightened premiered on HBO.  Starring Laura Dern as a woman, Amy, who self destructs and finds herself in a holistic treatment program at a rehabilitation center.  After returning from rehab, Amy has made a breakthrough and found inner peace.  On her new found mission, Amy tries to fix her ex-husband Levi played by Luke Wilson, who is dealing with his own demons and substance abuse problems.

(photo via Hollywood Reporter)

In the show, Wilson’s character Levi, wants to accept the life changes Amy has made but really believes that he is fine and doesn’t need any help.  The show has gotten rave reviews and if you haven’t seen it, it is a show worth checking out!  You can check out what Luke Wilson is up to these days in an interview on

(Photo via HBO)

 He gives us insight into the show and his character and how he and Dern’s character Amy relate, as well as some interesting tidbits about himself.  Check out what Luke Wilson is up to these days in the interview by CLICKING HERE and check out the show Enlightenend and let us know what you think.

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Oxymoron Entertainment Infographic | Odd Jobs On Movie Set

A lot more goes into filmmaking than just a director, producer, and cast of actors. From Grips to Wranglers, a movie set is a small city full of talented individuals from all manner of professions. Take a look below at some of the lesser known and see the people who really make those pretty faces shine onscreen.  Oxymoron Entertainment Infographic | Odd Jobs On Movie Set gives you a fun and interesting look into all those jobs that are necessary for a movie to be made.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Oxymoron Entertainment Infographic | Odd Jobs On Movie Set

Oxymoron Entertainment – Odd Jobs on a Movie Set
Oxymoron Entertainment Official Website


Key Grip Grips are lighting and rigging technicians in the filmmaking and video production industries. They constitute their own department on a film set and are directed by a key grip. Grips have two main functions. The first is to work closely with the camera department to provide camera support, especially if the camera is mounted to a dolly, crane, or in an unusual position, such as the top of a ladder. Some grips may specialize in operating camera dollies or camera cranes. The second main function of grips is to work closely with the electrical department to create lighting set-ups necessary for a shot under the direction of the Director of Photography.
Gaffer The chief lighting electrician, responsible for lighting the set according to direction from the cinematographer, who may request a feel of “late morning” or “twilight.”
Key Set Costumer The Key Costumer is the wardrobe supervisor. He or she is in charge of the wardrobe on the set, fixing any problem involving costumes, assisting in the budget, and selecting the costumes the actors will be wearing. It is the Key Costumer’s responsibility to make sure that each costume works, that it doesn’t clash or look too much like another actor’s wardrobe, and that it makes a statement about the character. He or she supervises all costume fittings and is responsible for choosing and acquiring the wardrobe to be used by the actors. In low budget films, the Key Costumer may also be the costume designer.
Boom Operator An assistant to the production sound mixer, responsible for microphone placement and movement during a take. Uses a boom: a special piece of equipment that allows precise control of the microphone at a distance away from the actors.
Best Boy Electric Assists the gaffer, supervises the rest of the electricians. Can be a woman, but the title’s the same.
Color Timer Balances the film’s color, contrast and density in the processing lab for consistency of tone and mood throughout movie.
Wrangler Chooses, trains and takes care of horses and other livestock used in the making of the movie. While wranglers are most common in films that feature horses, such as Brokeback Mountain, they can be caretakers of all kinds of creatures, from Arachnophobia’s spiders to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s snakes.
Negative Cutter Cuts and splices the negatives as directed by the film editor, provides the assembled negative reels to the lab in order for prints to be made.
Foley Artist Creates, recreates and records sound effects, such as raging storms or breaking bones. Named after famous sound editor Jack Foley.



RVA Magazine interviews “After Porn Ends” Director, Bryce Wagoner

Written By: Chad Brown

Bryce Wagoner in RVA Magazine

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While Director Bryce Wagoner was putting the final touches on his debut documentary, After Porn Ends, he obtained the opinion of two people any filmmaker exploring the world of adult entertainment would want by their side his grandparents. “I showed my MeeMaw about ten minutes of the film and told her I had a chance to make this movie but that it involved pornography.  After watching the clips she said, “Honey, I’m glad you were the first one to come up with this idea,”  And while his MeeMaw took the overly supportive path that grandmothers are supposed to take when their grandsons inform them that they’re working on a large-scale project, his grandfather decided to take a road less traveled the realistic one.  ”I told him there was going to be some nudity but nothing gratuitous and he said, “Son you can’t make a lumberjack movie without depicting some trees.”

Mr. MeeMaw had a point.  If After Porn Ends were a film about the tree cutting community, a few trees would certainly be depicted in the process.  Honing in on a dozen of the porn industry’s most famous names and felling the story of what happens after the cameras stopped rolling, the movie offers an inside look at an industry that is justa s misguided as it is misunderstood.  But makes no mistake — this is not a film that should be judged according to it’s cover, which features a scantitlu clad Mary Carey looking adequately repared to tackle the ty[e of wood that doesn’t exactly live in the forest.     To Finish Reading Article CLICK HERE


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Let Us Know What You Think About Our Exclusive Redband Clip for Middle Men... ‘How To Be A Man’


(video posted on MetaCafe)  Watch more top selected videos about: Porn, Housewives


Richest.Org Middle Men Exclusive with Gabriel Macht and Giovanni Ribisi

Exclusive interview with actors Gabriel Macht and Giovanni Ribisi to talk about their roles in Middle Men. For more movie trailers, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, full movies, clips and more, go to: Connect …


Gabriel Macht

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Giovanni Ribisi

(photo via FanPop)



Middle Men Movie 

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Funny Or Die… Netflix Predicts the Future… After Porn Ends, There will be Babies…


After Porn Ends is now available on NetflixHuluPlus, and iTunes.


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Bryce Wagoner, Director of After Porn Ends on Cazador Radio Show:  Men With No Lives


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Don’t Miss The Entertaining Show “Men With No Lives” After Porn Ends’s Director Bryce Wagoner with be on this Saturday from 6PM- 7PM PST.



After Porn Ends CLICK HERE…

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